Collection by Endre Bálint

by Inter-Art Budapest Auctions
May 22, 2013 6:00 PM CET Live auction
Budapest, HU | Auction Details

113 Lots


Accepted Forms of Payment: COD (cash on delivery), Wire Transfer


Auction House will help arrange shipment, at buyer's expense

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Buyer's Premium
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HUF0 HUF1,999 HUF100
HUF2,000 HUF4,999 HUF200
HUF5,000 HUF9,999 HUF500
HUF10,000 HUF19,999 HUF1,000
HUF20,000 HUF49,999 HUF2,000
HUF50,000 HUF99,999 HUF5,000
HUF100,000 HUF199,999 HUF10,000
HUF200,000 HUF499,999 HUF20,000
HUF500,000 HUF999,999 HUF50,000
HUF1,000,000 HUF1,999,999 HUF100,000
HUF2,000,000 HUF4,999,999 HUF200,000
HUF5,000,000 HUF9,999,999 HUF500,000
HUF10,000,000 HUF19,999,999 HUF1,000,000
HUF20,000,000 HUF49,999,999 HUF2,000,000
HUF50,000,000 HUF99,999,999 HUF5,000,000
HUF100,000,000 HUF199,999,999 HUF10,000,000
HUF200,000,000 HUF499,999,999 HUF20,000,000
HUF500,000,000+ HUF50,000,000

Shipping Terms: Auction House will help arrange shipment, at buyer's expense

Viewing Notes: Please contact the auction house for further information.