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Auction House
Z-point Auktioner
Auction Title
Asian and international antiques and collectibles
Auction Date
February 5, 2016, 1:00 PM UTC
Stationsgatan 8

Borlänge, Dalarna, 78433 Sweden

Phone: +46 243 23 20 80
Fax: N/A
Email: [email protected]
Viewing Notes
Viewing February 5th 10-14 Local Time. The following objects will not be avalible for veiwing: Veiwing lot 90: This lot is kept in storage and is avalible for veiwing Thursday February 4th between 11.00 and 16.00 local time. This after appointment only.
Buyer's Premium
General Terms
General Terms: Buyer
Purchase is done from Z-point Auktioner AB, 556981-2588


Estimates of lots are based on market appraisals. Hammer prize can significantly differ from estimate.

Items Condition

Items are sold "as is" in accordance with the catalogue. The buyer has full responsibility to assess the item before sale. Z-point Auktioner reserves the right to change the information in the catalogue. If so the changes will be announced latest at the time of the auction. Details in the catalogue are merely intended as guidance to the buyer when examining the item and Z-point Auktioner is responsible for that the details in the catalogue reflects the generally accepted opinion when the catalogue is made.
Z-point Auktioner does not accept liability for natural wear and tear or minor defects of the item. Lots are sometimes sold with a specific statement or affidavit from external experts. In the circumstance a lot is sold without a specific statement/affidavit, it does not constitute grounds for the buyer not to fulfill his or her obligations under these general terms.


All complaints must be reported without delay by the buyer. If the buyer has not complained within one year from acceptance he or she will lose the right to file a complaint.

Liabilities for faults

Z-point Auktioner liability for defects in bought items is restricted to:
First Z-point Auktioner should have the right to remedy the fault/defect at their own discretion.
Second Z-point Auktioner should have the right to pay value compensation at an amount corresponding to the defect calculated on the basis of the estimated prize.

Bidding in the auction room.

To bid in the auction room buyer must sign for a paddle prior to the start of the auction. These will be handed out at Z-point Auktioner discretion and may be revoked at any time.
Bids should be made by clear indications with the paddle an when the hammer falls the highest bidder will be deemed to have entered a binding purchase agreement for the item including buyer´s premium.
The auctioneer has full right to decide to which amount a bid must be raised to be considered as a new bid, successful bid among equals, to ignore bids and to resume bidding. The auctioneer has right to decide in any dispute during the auction.

Bidding instructions in the auction room or over the internet

Z-point Auktioner provide bidding on the auctions free of charge. Bidding form and copy of photo id and if applicable customer no should be sent in by e-mail no later than 5 pm the day before the auction. Revoke or amendment of bidding instruction should be made at least 2 hrs before the start of the auction.
Acceptance of bid will be done completely at Z-point Auktioner discretion.
All bids are confidential.
The buyer has responsibility to check whether bidding has resulted in a purchase and is also responsible for any purchase due to unclear or incorrect bidding instruction. All bidding instructions, revocations or amendments are made at senders risk. Z-point Auktioner will not accept liability for any loss due to failure to carry out bidding instructions.

Telephone bidding

Z-point Auktioner accepts phone bidding. Phone bid must be notified in writing via e-mail no later than 5 pm the day before the auction and include a copy of photo id. Phone bids are limited to the number of phone lines available and Z-point Antik may decide on priority between the bidders. Phone bidding are made at the buyers own risk and bidders undertake to bid minimum the estimated prize.

Buyer´s premium

Lot´s are sold at a buyer´s premium of 23% on the hammer prize at Invaluable and 22,5% on Auctionet.

First time buyers

For first time buyers or buyers unknown to Z-point Auktioner we reserve the right to charge a deposit of 10.000 sek (1000€) for bidding approval. The purpose of this deposit is to ensure payment of won lot. Should bid be unsuccessful the deposit we have received will be refunded (bank fees will be deducted). If bid is successful and payment is not made within stated time the deposit will be forfeit.


Payment must have reached Z-point Antik within 8 bank days and shall be made to the company bank account.
If payment is not made in due time Z-point Auktioner has the right to:
• Insist on the purchase and demand payment
• Charge for a reminder of 10€
• Charge interest on overdue payment by 4% per month
• Rescind the purchase. In this case buyer´s and seller´s premium should be deducted from already paid funds.
Collection and care of lots that have not been collected
Purchased lot´s must be paid for, verified and collected within 8 working days from the day of the auction. For items not collected a storage charge of 5€ per day will be billed. All costs (transports etc) will be charged to the buyer.
Final prize list.

Final prize list will be available at

Z-point Auktioner has the full right to use photographs and other reproductions as they see fit.
Disputes shall be settled in accordance with Swedish law in Swedish court.
Use of personal data

Swedish PUL applies.

General Terms: Sale

Z-Point Auktioner undertakes to sell items on behaf of the seller in the way that will give the best possible result under the below stated terms.

Examination and acceptance

Z-point Auktioner will examine items and decide if they will be accepted. Z-point Auktioner also have the right to at any time deny sale of any item for any reason. If this happens the seller should be immediate notified.


Z-point Auktioner will accept liability for items against damage result of burglary, theft, fire and water damage at a value corresponding to the lower estimated prize minus sellers premium or the hammer prize minus buyers premium if damage occur after the auction.
Z-point Auktioner will not accept responsibility for natural ware and tare in live material such as cracking in wood.

Description in catalogue and estimated price.

Z-point Auktioner has full right to describe and photograph the auction objects and the estimated price should be set in accordance with practices in the business. The seller has full responsibility to keep informed of description and estimate prices.
Revocation of selling commissions
If selling commission is revoked the seller is obliged to compensate Z-point Auktioner at an amount of 12% of the estimated price.
If selling commission is revoked when catalogue has been made the seller is obliged to compensate Z-point Auktioner at an amount equal to full buyers premium based on the estimated price.
Revocation should be made no later than 15 days prior to the start of the auction and in writing. If this is not done the seller loses the right to revoke selling of the object.

Sales commission

Sales commission is 10%.

Reserve price

All seller have the right to set reserve prices on their items under which the item will not be sold. The reserve price should be set when the item is turned over to Z-point Auktioner for sale. Should a bid exceed estimate but not reserved price and the lot is recalled a handling fee of 50€ will be charged to the buyer.

Collections of lots

Z-point Auktioner has the right to sell a recalled item during a period of 30 days. The sales price must not be lower than the set estimate price.
Non sold lots must be picked up within 30 days, if not a custody fee of 5€ per day will be charged. Z-point Auktioner has the right to hold on to objects until all fees has been paid. If object hasn´t been picked up within a period of 12 months the ownership of the object will pass to Z-point Antik without any further reimbursement to the seller.


Payment will be forwarded within 30 days after the item has been paid for by the buyer. Z-point Auktioner has no obligation if the buyer does not fulfill payment. If so Z-point Auktioner has the right to rescind the purchase.

Force Majeure

Z-point Auktioner shall not be held responsible for any loss that the seller may suffer arising from a cancelled sale at auction or late payment of cash consideration as a consequence of war, a war-like event, civil war, revolution or insurrection or arising out of any measure taken by a Swedish or foreign public authority or a strike, lockout, blockade or any other similar circumstance.
Z-point Auktioner shall in no case have an obligation to compensate the seller for an indirect damage or a damage that Z-point Auktioner has not been able to foresee.

Processing of personal data

Swedish PUL applies.

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