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by Theodore Bruce
July 30, 2017 1:00 PM AEST Timed auction
Alexandria, NSW, AU | Auction Details

362 Lots

2222: A Bead Necklace
Est: A$20 - A$40
2224: A Tapa Cloth
Est: A$40 - A$60
2228: A Didjeridu,
Est: A$100 - A$200
2229: A Kundu Drum,
Est: A$40 - A$80
2230: A Kundu Drum
Est: A$200 - A$400
2232: An Ancestral Drum,
Est: A$150 - A$250
2233: Two Stools,
Est: A$100 - A$200
2237: A Clay Vessel,
Est: A$80 - A$140
2245: Ancestral Figure
Est: A$20 - A$40
2247: A Sepik Bust
Est: A$40 - A$60
2254: A Boomerang
Est: A$50 - A$100
2255: A Bilum Hook
Est: A$100 - A$200
2256: A Kundu Drum
Est: A$100 - A$200
2257: A Woven Basket
Est: A$40 - A$60
2258: A Bilum Hook
Est: A$60 - A$80
2265: Ancestral Mask,
Est: A$60 - A$80
2266: Ancestral Mask,
Est: A$40 - A$60
2267: Ancestral Mask,
Est: A$40 - A$60
2268: Ancestral Mask,
Est: A$40 - A$60


Accepted Forms of Payment: American Express, MasterCard, Visa, Wire Transfer


All lots must be paid for and collected within two working days of the auction.

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AUD500,000+ AUD50,000

Payments: Within Two Working Days of the Sale

Shipping & Collection: All lots must be paid for and collected within two working days of the auction.

Buyers Premium: All Theodore Bruce Auctions in New South Wales, Australia have a 22% Buyers Premium including GST plus the invaluable Live fee at the published rate 5%

Australian GST: In Australia we have a Goods and Services Tax (GST) at the rate of 10% this is applicable to the Buyers Premium only.

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