Chanel Shoes

Aficionados of Chanel often sport the label from the ground up. This does include shoes, of course, and with a variety of unique styles and iterations, Chanel collections are awash in fashionable footwear, allowing each wearer to express their individuality.

Well-dressed women who have fallen under the spell of Chanel have grown accustomed to having their pick of any number of beautiful and covetable decorations for the feet. These range from ballet-style Chanel flats to elegant two-tone slingbacks.

Madamoiselle Coco's influence of elegant simplicity is evident in every pair of shoes designed by Chanel. The brand has managed to translate her sensibility into stylish Chanel shoes and boots that regularly go under the hammer at auction.

Quick Facts

  • A pair of 1960s silver foil Chanel heels and matching purse, part of a ensemble lot from Elizabeth Taylor's estate, sold at a 2011 Christie's auction for $134,500
  • In October 2015, a pair of Chanel black patent leather boots adorned with a chain design sold on eBay for $6,000
  • A September 2015 eBay auction of a pair of Chanel tweed sandals punctuated with bold charms and stones and a quilted insole sold for $2,450

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