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Charles Boswell Shotguns

Charles Boswell is the designer of a wide array of shotguns designed for skeet and trap competitions as well as bird hunting. He died in 1924, but his namesake and reputation for finely made shotguns lives on. The current production of Charles Boswell shotguns are manufactured with the same methods used for the original Boswell shotguns.

Today’s Boswell shotguns are built in very limited runs with as little as six produced per year. Often considered pieces of functional art, Boswell shotguns can take up to 1,200 man hours to produce.

Each Boswell shotgun is unique and no two are made the same. Charles Boswell’s bespoke shotguns are arguably some of the finest shotguns ever made.

Quick Facts

  • Charles Boswell was a renowned live pigeon shooter, which greatly influenced his shotgun designs
  • Boswell frames are well known for their petite size and are often thinner than some 20-gauge frames from competing companies
  • Charles Boswell shotguns are typically considered to be England's best guns

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