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Charter Arms Handguns

Charter Arms was founded in 1964 by Douglas McClenahan, a firearms designer who previously worked for Colt, Sturm, Ruger & Company. His first handgun, The Undercover, a five-shot revolver chambered for .38-caliber ammunition, was praised for its reliability and affordable price tag..

During its first-generation run, Charter Arms had a widespread reputation for making inexpensive guns of questionable quality. But things have changed. Since being reborn under the direction of the family of McClenahan’s partner, Charter has refocused on its goal of producing handguns with high-quality workmanship and attractive price points.

Historically, Charter primarily made revolvers, with the exception of a foray into the semi-automatic world with notable pieces like the Luger-type .22 Explorer II and the conventionally-styled Model 79k .380 ACP pistol. Today, the firm focuses exclusively on rotating cylinder handguns. Models like the .38 Undercover are popular with traditionalists, the .357 Mag Pug is sworn by among those in the market for home self-defense weapons, and the small, lightweight Off Duty is ideal for concealed carry.

Quick Facts

  • All Charter Arms handguns are made in the U.S.A. with American parts and carry a lifetime warranty whether purchased new or secondhand at auction
  • Charter Arms' .44 Bulldog revolver has the notable misfortune of being used in the murder spree of Son of Sam serial killer David Berkowitz
  • The Hero Gun used by Harrison Ford in the movie "Blade Runner" based on the Charter Arms Bulldog .44 Special sold at auction in 2009 for more than $258,000

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