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Cimarron Arms Revolvers

The Cimarron brand came about in 1977 as a muzzle loading and sporting goods store whose owner had built replicas of the Hawken rifle. In the early '80s, the company diversified by entering the Old West and Civil War replica market, partnering with Uberti to import period-correct Old West firearms.

Today, Cimarron creates a number of replicas including military model revolvers. They cover both important and small details including period-correct finishes and percussion conversions.

Cimarron imports and sells a wide variety of different Western themed firearms including single-action Western revolvers. These replicas include designs by Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Remington. Designs range from early cap-and-ball revolvers to period conversions and metallic cartridge revolvers. The revolvers sold by Cimarron are favorites of reenactors, members of the Single Action Shooting Society, and even movie prop houses.

Quick Facts

  • Original Uberti revolvers were often far from historically accurate. With the aid of Cimarron founder Mike Jarvey, Uberti has refined their firearms into accurate historical representations
  • Cimarron firearms sponsored shooter Joey Dillon trained actor Josh Brolin on how to realistically handle single-action revolvers for the film "Jonah Hex"
  • Cimarron has repeatedly won the Best of the West award from True West magazine

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