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Colt .22 Caliber Revolvers

Colt is primarily known for their defensive and military firearms, but they have produced a fair number of .22-caliber revolvers as well. The .22 caliber is an immensely popular choice among sport shooters, recreational shooters, and even small game hunters.

Colt has chambered some of their most popular revolvers in the .22 caliber, including classic single actions and popular double actions. Although the .22 is a diminutive round, Colt’s revolvers still maintain their unquestioned quality.

Colt has chambered famed revolvers like the Single Action Army, the Colt Trooper, the Colt New Line, and the Colt Detective Special in .22. They produced the Diamondback .22-caliber revolver as part of their beloved Snake line of revolvers. Colt revolvers in .22 caliber are very well made and give users an easy shooting, accurate platform for shooters of any skill level.

Quick Facts

  • Colt .22 revolvers are often the same size as their larger-caliber counterparts
  • A limited run of Colt Detective Specials were known as the Banker’s Special and chambered .22 LR and .38 Colt New Police
  • The Colt Open Top Pocket in .22 LR cost $8 when it was introduced in 1873

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