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Colt 22 Caliber Revolvers

Colt guns have been inextricably interwoven with American history for more than 150 years. The venerable American firearms manufacturer's long and rich history of gun making includes production of the longtime standby M-16 and M-4 rifles and Browning machine guns.

Long before the U.S. Army wielded heavy-duty modern Colts, and even before .45 Peacemaker six-shot revolvers were the weapons of choice among frontiersmen, cowboys, lawmen, and outlaws, Colt produced revolving cylinder firearms in many other calibers and barrel lengths to suit the whims of shooters. Among the most popular were the widely used and easy to handle .22 revolvers.

Many of the finest examples of Colt .22 revolvers are decorated with elaborate engraving and scrollwork, while a number were custom made to buyer specifications, crafted in a variety of finishes with specialized grips. Some of the most sought after are early .22s like the circa 1871 Colt Open Top pocket revolver, one of Colt's first models to use rear-loaded metallic cartridges.

Popular with small-game hunters and firearms collectors, Colt .22–caliber revolvers have undying appeal.

Quick Facts

  • Famed author and sportsman Ernest Hemingway's favorite handgun was a .22-caliber Colt Woodsman pistol
  • In 2014, a Colt .22 revolver made in 1931 and known as a Banker’s Special sold for $4,200 at Morphy auction
  • A seven-shot Colt overtop .22 revolver dating to 1870 or 1871 sold for only $200 at a 2015 Kennedys Auction Service sale

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