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Contemporary Drawings

The tradition of drawing is as old as human civilization itself and continues to thrive today. In the modern world, which is becoming increasingly inundated with digital technologies, artists find comfort in the analog practice and aesthetic of drawing as they explore new ways to present this age old medium in a new light.

Drawing lays bare every line and indexical marking of the artist, thus thwarting any possibility to conceal error with over-painting or sculptural addition. While artists such as Jeff Koons employ cutting edge production techniques and scores of studio assistants to produce works of art that appear bereft of the artist’s hand, others look to emphasize the human qualities of their work.

Joe Bradley, Elizabeth Murray, and Mark Grotjahn are a few of the many artists... Read more

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LOKISS (Français - Né en 1968) Contrarchitecture 01 - 2018 Mine de plomb sur papier

April 4, 2018, 7:00 PM CET
Paris, France

€2,500 (starting bid)

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