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Dakota Arms Rifles

Dakota Arms is a premium rifle manufacturer that produces high-quality firearms for hunters and sportsmen. They produce six different rifles, each with a distinct design that can be used to hunt varmint, medium sized game, and even dangerous game.

Dakota Arms rifles range from bolt-action to falling-block rifles and beautiful replicas of the 1874 Sharps rifle. The Sharps rifle is smaller and lighter than the original and chambering options range from .22 long rifle to .444 Marlin.

Dakota Arms creates rifles including the Miller, which is built to the user’s specific needs. These custom rifles are built for hunting and competition shooting and are made with an amazing level of American craftsmanship. Dakota Arms bolt-action rifles are built to the highest quality possible and utilize beautiful wood, strong finishes, and bench-rest tolerances. Dakota Arms are a true example of American rifle building.

Quick Facts

  • Dakota produces a wide range of high-performance cartridges that are considered wildcats
  • Dakota Arms produces several different finishes, barrel options, and stock options in a wide variety of cartridge sizes
  • The original 1874 Sharps was available in two calibers. The Dakota Arms variant has expanded the Sharps to nearly every rimmed caliber in the United States

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