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Daniel Fraser Rifles

Daniel Fraser was born in 1848, the son of a coach body maker in Edinburgh, Scotland. He apprenticed under famed gun designer and builder Alexander Henry and began building firearms in 1877 with his first Henry-Fraser two-position rifle. This started a long line of Fraser-produced rifles that were premium weapons designed for target shooting, competition, and hunting.

Fraser invented a breech action which reduced the size and weight of the weapon while remaining highly functional. The Fraser match rifle with this new breech action became a favorite rifle in Scotland and was a very well-respected design. In 1884, Daniel Fraser introduced the rather revolutionary Military Breech Loader and Match rifle.

Daniel Fraser rifles were built in a time when mass production was not in full swing. Most of Daniel Fraser’s rifles have a large amount of handcrafting and personal craftsmanship.

Quick Facts

  • Daniel Fraser’s match rifles were adopted by the National Rifle Club of Scotland
  • Daniel Fraser was a member of the Scottish Shooting Team in 1876, an experience that shaped his rifle designs
  • Proud of his mentor Alexander Henry, Daniel Fraser often used his name in advertising

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