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David Webb Jewelry

One of the most captivating jewelers of the 20th century, David Webb is popular for his jewelry's timeless taste and universal appeal. Perhaps best known for his extensive use of yellow gold and gem- encrusted animal cuffs, David Webb has a dynamic range of jewelry designs that incorporate an equally diverse range of inspirations.

A native of North Carolina, David Webb opened his first jewelry store in the late '40s in the Diamond District of New York. Even in these early days of design, Webb was channeling ideas from a wide range of sources. Most of his inspiration came from the clean geometry of the Art Deco era, but Webb also incorporated ancient world jewelry designs and the rich enamel work of the Middle Ages. All of these inspiration notes were combined with breathtaking beauty and expert craftsmanship.

Webb's designs are so celebrated in part due to his close role in the creation of his pieces. Even as his acclaim grew, Webb ensured that the quality of his branded jewels never suffered. This utmost expertise, combined with his uncanny styling fit for the stunning and sophisticated individual, ensures David Webb's role in the pantheon of jewelry masters.

Quick Facts

  • David Webb enjoyed an extensive list of celebrity clientele, including Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Gloria Vanderbilt, Tory Burch, and Salma Hayek
  • The David Webb archives include more than 40,000 jewelry design sketches
  • Webb's work debuted on the cover of "Vogue" magazine in 1950, cementing his status as a leader in jewelry design

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