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Degenhart Glass

Recognizable by its trademark capital D inset within a heart, Degenhart glass has a heritage that traces back well into the 19th century. A company known for its vibrant colors and innovative molds, Degenhart continues to captivate collectors with well- preserved antique and vintage pieces.

John Degenhart, the patriarch of the company, grew up around glass. His father was a master glassmaker, a trade that John himself pursued with the Cambridge Glass Company of Ohio. While there, Degenhart and his brother, Charles, developed a reputation for their designs, particularly their paperweights. After many years of service to Cambridge Glass, John and his wife Elizabeth branched off in 1947 to form their own entity, the Crystal Art Glass Company.

The Degenharts became a dynamic duo of glassmakers: Elizabeth took charge of developing new molds and colors, while John managed manufacturing. Their pieces, which range from charming collectibles to more elaborate entertainment wares, all featured Elizabeth's innovation and a high standard of production instilled by John. On Elizabeth's death in 1978, more than a decade after John's, the Degenhart molds were sold. They are still in production today. However, the antique examples of Degenhart glass are the best surviving examples of the couple's innovative approach to American glassmaking.

Quick Facts

  • One of the more unusual Degenhart creations was a glass gear shift knob. Assuming a shape similar to a paperweight, the glass handle was patented by the Degenharts in 1929
  • Degenhart pieces were renowned for their remarkable range of colors. For example, Degenhart Poochies, small dog figurines that proved particularly popular, were sold in over 100 different colors
  • A museum holding examples from the majority of Degenhart's line once existed in Cambridge, Ohio. Though it closed in 2011, the vast majority of pieces are now on display in West Virginia's Museum of American Glass

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