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Denby China

Denby began in 1806, founded by Joseph Bourne as a pottery that built an international reputation for producing quality bottles and jars. Because glass was so expensive at the time, stoneware bottles were essential. As glass became more affordable and stoneware bottles and jars were no longer necessary, Denby began to produce glass kitchenware. By the '20s, Denby pie dishes and jelly molds along with vases and bowls were common in many homes. The decorative pieces were stamped with Danesby Ware, the generic name given by the company to all decorative and giftware patterns.

In their attempt to keep up with the changing tastes of the time, new kilns were installed as Denby incorporated new glazes to go along with innovative firing methods. During this time, the kitchenware patterns Cottage Blue and Epic Green were created. These designs became instant classics, continuing to be produced for the next 50 years. By World War II, the company began to suffer due to manufacturing restrictions and glaze stains that were no longer available. Following the war, Denby soon recuperated. During the '50s, they enlisted some of the best designers to create now-iconic patterns such as Chevron and Arabesque.

Today, Denby is privately owned and still produces a vast array of tableware. The company prides itself on creating china that is both beautiful and practical. Recently, the brands Burleigh Pottery, Hartley Greens Pottery, and Poole Pottery were acquired by Denby.

Quick Facts

  • In the '70s, Denby headed a new oven-to-tableware concept
  • Denby produced novelty items in the '30s, most noticeably Byngo the dog and Marmaduke the rabbit
  • During World War II, Denby produced only one pattern: Utility Brown

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