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Elks Fraternal Organization

The Elks were founded on November 15, 1867 in New York City by a small group of actors and entertainers. Originally called The Jolly Corks, the club was founded as a drinking club to circumvent a New York law that mandated saloons be closed on Sundays. The members of this club soon found that their organization could be used to help those less fortunate. In 1868, the purpose of the club changed to a charitable organization and it was renamed The Benevolent and Protective Order of the Elks of the United States of America. Today, most people simply refer to the organization as "The Elks."

Following the principles of brotherly love, justice, charity and fidelity, local Elks lodges volunteer to provide community services, including meeting the basic needs of community members, youth programs, and services for veterans. There are now more than one million members of the Elks within the United States and its territories.

Many members of The Elks collect Elks jewelry and memorabilia. The elk logo of the organization appears on numerous items, with pins and rings being popular collectibles among members. Vintage Elks tooth jewelry, widely used by Elks members until the '30s, is also popular with collectors.

Quick Facts

  • Pin collecting and pin swapping has become a very popular hobby among Elks members. Pin trading clubs and websites have been formed for this purpose. Most of them require Elks membership
  • In the '20s, the Standard Playing Card Company issued a deck of cards specifically for Elks members called 11 O'clocks
  • Vintage Elks teeth, mounted in gold settings, are usually valued between $75 and $100 dollars and are often easy to find. More elaborately-mounted teeth are sold for higher prices

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