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Fine Rifles

For a rifle to be considered fine, it has to be of the utmost quality. A fine rifle is built to a standard in which very few gunsmiths are capable of achieving. Fine rifles are far from mass produced and are often painstakingly built. These rifles often act as both status pieces and hunting and sporting rifles.

Often chambered in powerful cartridges, fine rifles are commonly found in the hands of sportsmen hunting dangerous game across the world. Often, these rifles are built by small manufacturers. The largest fine rifle manufacturer is Holland & Holland. Small shops including Fuchs Fine Guns produce very few rifles per year.

Companies including Blaser produce fine rifles known as drillings. Drillings are some of the most popular fine hunting pieces due to their ability to fire shotgun shells and rifle cartridges. These rifles often feature unique intricate engraving along the metal done by master engravers. Fine rifles and fine rifle manufacturers are in a league of their own. They are the choice of men and women who will spare no expense for perfection in firearms.

Quick Facts

  • The fine rifle title has been slowing moving from custom double rifles to modern bolt actions
  • Fine rifles are made around the world and span countries including the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, and Turkey
  • Drillings feature multiple barrels with two shotgun barrels and one rifle barrel as the most common layout

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