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Freedom Arms Revolvers

Freedom Arms holds a niche market in the revolver realm. They produce premium-quality revolvers in a variety of both traditional and nontraditional calibers.

In 1983, Freedom Arms produced their first revolver, the Freedom Arms .454 Casull. The .454 Casull was at the time the most powerful revolver cartridge in existence. Freedom Arms produces well reputed revolvers that are favorites of six-gun enthusiasts.

Freedom Arms revolvers utilize the Colt Single Action Army for a base design, using modern metals and safety features that modernize the classic design. Freedom Arms has also chambered their weapons in a wide variety of different calibers, including wildcats like the .500 Wyoming and automatic calibers like the 9 mm and .45 ACP. Freedom Arms revolvers are found in the hands of hunters, competitors, and those who appreciate finely made weapons.

Quick Facts

  • Freedom Arms revolvers in .45 Colt can interchange with .45 ACP by changing the cylinder
  • Freedom Arms revolvers range in caliber from the massive .500 Wyoming to the the miniature .17 HMR
  • Freedom Arms revolvers are surprisingly customizable, including the ability to add red-dot optics, silhouette sights, and jeweled triggers and hammers

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