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French Shotguns

The French have produced many fantastic shotguns including high-end shotguns capable of meeting the same levels of quality as English shotguns. They are also unique in design.

However, unlike the typical English shotgun, not all French shotguns are high-end models. French shotgun makers also offer a number of shotguns for working-class hunters and shooters.

French shotguns include the famed Darne design, a shotgun that is incredibly well made and revered among shooters for its high quality, unique action, and pointability. French shotgun manufacturers including Manufrance and Gastin Rennette boast a variety of shotguns that range from high-end double-barreled designs to simple working-class shooters. French shotguns offer collectors a wide variety of choices in design, style, and price.

Quick Facts

  • The Darne shotgun has a unique action that does not break the barrels open but pushes them forward
  • Manufrance produced one of the few French pump-action shotguns known as the Rapid
  • The 16 gauge is still quite popular in France with a vast selection of 16-gauge French shotguns

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Percussion shotgun Perin Lepage à Paris
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