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George Unite Silver

George Unite was among England’s finest 19th century silversmiths. Born in Birmingham, England in 1798, Unite began an apprenticeship under the well-known silver artisan Joseph Willmore at the age of 12. In 1825, he partnered with a gentleman named James Hilliard, and together, they manufactured a wide range of items including fruit and fish-carving knives, bracelets, and pens.

In 1832, Unite registered his maker’s mark, which the company maintained until 1865 when his two sons took over the business. In the wake of Unite’s death in 1896, the partnership between the sons collapsed and the company merged a year later with electroplate manufacturer William Henry Lyde. Among the most sought-after pieces made by George Unite today include his cigar cases and brooches.

George Unite and company has a prolific and long-standing history. With this history, one can not only find an aesthetic and material to fit every situation but also an object, be it a fancy pen or silverware.

Quick Facts

  • While the hallmarks for George Unite & Sons underwent minor changes throughout the many years of its storied history, they most often included a lion and a ship anchor
  • In 2014, Christie’s sold a late 19th-century George Unite playing card case for more than $1,000
  • In order to learn the approximate age or other information about a George Unite object, one can search for the hallmark in an antique silver guide

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