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German Double Rifles

The double rifle is often the chosen weapon for those hunting large and dangerous game. Hunting dangerous game requires a large and powerful round, and due to the nature of the animal hunted, it must be capable of rapid follow-up shots. The double rifle is the chosen weapon for this application.

German double rifles are some of the best known for their high quality and are often seen as both firearms and art pieces. The classic German double rifle is typically an intricately designed heavy weapon that is supremely well built. Manufacturers including Franz Sodia and Friedrich Heym follow these traditions.

Rifles by companies including Blaser and Mauser have helped lend to the reputation of fine German rifles. The modern German double rifle is light and often has the ability to mount scopes with ease. German double rifles are chambered in a wide variety of powerful cartridges from around the world to fulfill the needs of shooters from a variety of different countries. Both modern and classic German double rifles are exquisite firearms.

Quick Facts

  • Modern German rifles have begun free floating the barrel for increased accuracy
  • Double rifles are often the only choice for powerful calibers like the 9.3x74 mm. This is due to their length, making them incapable of being used in repeating rifles
  • The 9.3 mm is best known as the classic German safari cartridge and is one of the most popular big game cartridges in America

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German DOU . 45 Model 98 Bolt Action Rifle. Serial no. 5964, 8mm caliber, 24 1
Dec 12, 10:00 AM CST
German DOU . 45 Model 98 Bolt Action Rifle. Serial no. 5964, 8mm caliber, 24 1
by Heritage Auctions
Est: $800- $1,200
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