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Gewürztraminer is primarily grown in cool climates, places like Austria, Canada, France (Alsace), Germany, and Italy (Trento-Alto Adige), as well as Washington State and pockets of California. One of its defining characteristics is its intense bouquet. A whiff of this off-dry wine often reminds of roses, lychee, and flowers.

Gewürztraminer’s history dates to the Traminer grape, stemming from Tramin, which is a German-speaking village in Northern Italy. Traminer has been growing there as far back as 1000 and up until the 16th Century, when its name was changed to Gewürztraminer.

This is also a fussy grape to cultivate as it buds early, ripens late, and often falls victim to frosts and disease. As a food pairing, Gewürztraminer’s full body can stack up to spicy, Asian cuisines, as well as pungent cheeses.

Quick Facts

  • When compared to other white wines, Gewürztraminer is among the highest in alcohol content, as high as 14 percent
  • In German, “gewurz” translates to "spicy"
  • Wine writer Oz Clarke, in an attempt to give full credit to Gewürztraminer, famously said, “No one makes a good Gewürztraminer by accident"

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1990 Trimbach 'Cuvee des Seigneurs de Ribeaupierre' Gewurztraminer, Alsace
by Lawsons
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