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Glass and the practice of glassmaking has been central to human culture for millennia. But what started as a utilitarian product has grown over the generations into a field of antique and vintage collectibles that is immensely varied in its styles, shapes, and sizes.

Though glassmaking dates back to some of the earliest civilizations on the planet, it was not until around the 13th century that the field blossomed as an art form. It was around this time that glassmaking traditions took hold in Western Europe from Bohemia to Venice, establishing new glassmaking capitals and introducing European audiences to the beauty and brilliance of well-made glass. In Venice, artists advanced the potential of blown and colored glass, while Bohemian and German glassmakers further refined the glassmaking process to render glass with remarkable clarity. Almost simultaneously, the Irish innovators at Waterford developed crystal glass that rivaled diamonds with its sparkle.

Fueled by these advances in the field of glassmaking, the great glass producers of the 19th and 20th centuries created brilliantly beautiful examples of glass that catered to consumers while also elevating the field to an art form. From elegant Lalique or Verlys art pieces to the pristine perfection of Murano or Krosno glass, the field of glass art for sale today is as diverse as the collectors who covet it.

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