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The rich history of glass wouldn't be nearly as brilliant without its masterful makers. From the innovative Italian makers of Murano from the days of the Renaissance to the elegance of the more contemporary Daum, Gallé, and Waterford, the talent and ingenuity of some of the greatest glassmakers is beyond compare.

The development of the glassmaking industry in Venice around the 14th century introduced consumers to the effectiveness and elegance of the medium. Resulting was an ongoing push for innovation in the medium in both functional and art pieces. The advent of leaded crystal, for example, allowed for increasingly elaborate designs. In addition, the creation of iridescent glass such as Tiffany Favrile pieces encouraged a generation of glassmakers to create glistening, luminous pieces.

Simultaneously, glassmakers made advances in utilitarian products. Companies such as Hazel Atlas, who specialized in more general glass pieces, and those who excelled in low cost Depression-era glass such as Imperial and Westmoreland contributed to the richness of the field by producing pieces that are today as equally coveted as their art glass counterparts. Today, these creators have all joined the pantheon of great glass producers advancing the field of glass design while also creating a cast of compelled collectors.

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