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Golf Apparel

In golf’s early years, players traditionally wore shirts and ties with tweed jackets, plus knickers, stockings, and a golf cap. By the 1940s, lightweight pants replaced heavy trousers, and short-sleeved, knitted shirts replaced the shirt and tie. Modern fabrics are made to wick away moisture and provide comfort and range of motion for the golfer.

Finding golf apparel today is fairly simple, considering the numbers of tournaments and tours conduced each year across the world. What perhaps isn’t simple is choosing what to collect, as so many choices exist, from things like golf hats and polo shirts to golf bags and golf clubs. Many collectors choose to gather memorabilia by golfer or by tournament, and sometimes even by tour.

Quick Facts

  • Bobby Jones’ Augusta National green jacket auctioned for $310,700 in 2011. Jackets rarely go on auction since they are required to stay on the grounds, unless the Masters Tournament winner wishes to keep the jacket during the winning year
  • Jordan Speith is the second youngest golfer to win a Master’s Tournament, behind Tiger Woods
  • A Tiger Woods, signed Sunday red polo shirt gathered $43,200 on a Mastro Auctions Premier sale in 2008

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