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Gowland Pocket Watches

Coming from a long family line of watchmakers, James Gowland ushered in an era of watchwork wonder in the 19th century. Gowland pocket watches available today are a testament to the longevity of his time-telling machinery.

Documented as having worked in London between the years 1832 and 1890, James Gowland created masterful timepieces conjured with the most contemporary mechanisms and fittings. His pocket watches were renowned across Europe for their remarkable accuracy as well as their refined style, a testament to which is the clean and sophisticated script of his name across his watch faces.

Quick Facts

  • Gowland filed a patent in 1837 (No. 7456) for “a device for communicating motion to a balance through the balance spring”
  • Gowland’s pocket watches also typically include his signature on the inner workings along with a serial number
  • Most likely associated with James Gowland pocket watches are Gowland Brothers pocket watches, a moniker that sometimes appears on earlier 19th century models

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