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Grifos Ball Point Pens

Grifos Pens is a pen manufacturer located in Champdepraz, Italy. The small company manufactures a variety of pens, including ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, fountain pens, and mechanical pencils. The company, founded in 2002 by Maurizio Stura, produces about 5,000 pens per year. Stura is a master silversmith who has worked in the pen industry since the age of 12.

Grifos' specialty is custom-designed pens. The company offers customers the ability to design pens with specific logos, artwork, and other custom designs. A pencil sketch is used to design each pen. This is translated to a computer design with specific measurements and fittings, and then a handmade brass prototype is made using a lathe. The prototype is improved and tweaked before the finished pen is produced.

Grifos ballpoint pens are available in luxury silver designs with rose gold trim, promotional silver for businesses, leather, hard resin, and natural horn. Silver designs are also available with Grifos specialty guilloché engraving. Grifos also produces limited edition rollerball pens with Masonic designs in silver and black hard resin.

Quick Facts

  • The Grifos company logo includes a Griffon and the Latin phrase Alius Ex Alio, which translated reads "one for the other." The logo is based on an 11th-century mosaic in the floor of the Saint Benedict Abby near the company
  • The highest-end Grifos pens include diamonds and precious stones in the designs
  • The Grifos Red Coral ballpoint pen uses natural stingray leather in a red coral color with silver-plated trim. The pen includes a gift box and certificate of authenticity. It currently sells for €240

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