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Gucci Bracelets

Gucci bracelets embody the elegance and distinction that has hallmarked the company’s production since the early 20th century. They mix media to yield universally striking designs that contribute to their coveted status.

When Guccio Gucci first opened his shop in Florence, Italy in 1921, he had his eye set on becoming one of the best purveyors of leather luggage in the region. Within a decade, Gucci had succeeded, becoming known as one of the best and most innovative designers of leather goods. His innovative vision was key, not only to survive the strictures of wartime Italy, but also to expand into new areas of production such as jewelry.

With production beginning in earnest in the latter half of the 20th century, jewelry has been one of the most recent additions to the Gucci product line. While invoking modern design sensibilities, Gucci’s bracelets nevertheless continue to pay homage to their past, with the “Horsebit” and double-G motifs incorporated frequently.

Quick Facts

  • The Horsebit motif dates to the earliest years of the Gucci house of design. It alludes to the demands by Gucci’s early clientele to produce a line of high-end equestrian leather goods
  • The unmistakable Gucci green and red stripe was developed in the 1960s to identify the brand and is still today a testament to the treasured timelessness of the Italian brand
  • Gucci’s quintessential moccasin, complete with Horsebit accouterment, was considered such a contribution to 20th-century fashion design that a pair has since been inducted into the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute

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