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Gypsy Rings

Gypsy is a style of rings that refers to the jewelry of the Romani people. The Romani people are especially known for their nomadic lifestyle, and live mainly in Europe, the U.S., and Brazil. They originate from Northern India, something that is clearly visible in elements of their jewelry. Gypsy jewelry and rings can be clearly identified by their bold use of colors and materials.

Precious metals are combined with beaded semi-precious gemstones to form elaborate motifs. Silver is also used quite frequently and often beautifully engraved. Gypsy jewelry, in addition to rings for fingers, also includes rings that are worn around big toes. Nose rings are also quite common, usually with a decorated string that is connected to an earring.

Jewelry and rings worn by gypsies are quite elaborate, as they excelled at engraving techniques and had a great eye for detail. This ability is also rooted in their heritage – being nomadic people, it was common for them to carry their wealth with them in the form of jewelry.

Quick Facts

  • Authentic Gypsy rings are quite rare, since most of them are produced to reflect the style rather than for the people
  • Coins were used quite often in Gypsy jewelry
  • Stones are frequently cabochon with an embedded setting, and gold used is typically 14K

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