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Hazel Atlas Glass

A wonder originating in Washington, Pennsylvania, Hazel-Atlas Glass Company was one of the largest and most prolific producers of 20th-century glassware. Emerging in 1902 as a conglomerate of several smaller glass companies, Hazel-Atlas excelled in a wide variety of commercial patterns and styles over its half-a-century tenure.

Even in its earliest days of production, Hazel-Atlas made a name for itself by producing a remarkable range of glass vessels for utilitarian or commercial use. Hazel-Atlas' products were distinct in that they came in relatively unique colors, which paved the company’s way into the field of decorative glass dinnerware lines.

By the '50s, Hazel-Atlas had expanded into all fields of kitchen and tableware deigns. From their iconic mixing bowls to their kiddieware line with child-friendly motifs, the company embraced consumer demand to develop both colorful and crafty designs that still compel collectors today.

Quick Facts

  • Following the founding of Hazel Glass in 1885, the company's main product was the glass pieces used to line Mason jar lids
  • One of Hazel-Atlas' most collectible pieces is their packer tumbler. Initially sold as containers filled with foodstuffs in grocery stores, these tumblers came with the advantage that they could be reused as glassware later on. One of their most successful examples was created in the '50s for Big Top brand peanut butter, which profiled different states
  • By the late '50s, Hazel-Atlas was recognized as the country's third-largest producer of commercial glass containers

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