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Heisey Glass

The A.J. Heisey Glass Company was one of the most celebrated 20th-century Midwestern producers of glass. Founded in Newark, Ohio in 1895, Heisey became renowned for its blown and pressed glass pieces.

Entering the glassware market among challenging competition, Heisey nevertheless rapidly advanced in the field thanks to their impeccably high quality of glass. Many Heisey pieces were finished using the technique of firepolishing, which virtually guaranteed a remarkably smooth surface. This resulted in some Heisey pieces so brilliant that they could be easily mistaken for crystal.

In addition to the clarity of their glass, Heisey was acclaimed for their wide range of colors. During the company's peak years of production between the late '20s and early '30s, Heisey introduced patterns in new shades with vibrancy reflected in catchy names. Moongleam, for example, was a vibrant shade of green, while Alexandrite assumed a striking lavender or orchid hue that shifted slightly toward blue depending on lighting conditions. It is the Alexandrite that is one of the rarest Heisey colors to come by, yet any Heisey piece produced during these peak years that survives today should be considered a treasure.

Quick Facts

  • In addition to artful glass designs, Heisey is also credited with having created the glass used for some automobile headlights as well as early Holophane lamps, which used prismatic effects to amplify the distribution of light
  • Authentic Heisey pieces in patterns from Crystolite to Yeoman typically come with the trademark logo of a capital H inscribed within a diamond shape
  • Fans of Heisey Glass can celebrate its legacy at the National Heisey Glass Museum, located in Newark, Ohio

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