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Henry Rifles

Designed in 1860 by Benjamin Henry, the Henry rifle was a revolution in arms design. The Henry rifle was not the first lever-action rifle, but it was the first that incorporated design elements that we still see today.

The Henry rifle was designed with a centrally located hammer. When operated, the lever would both cock the hammer and place a new round in the chamber. The original Henry rifle was chambered in .44 rimfire that could hold, at the time, an astonishing 16 rounds of ammunition. The Henry served in a limited role in the Civil War, but was never a general-issue weapon.

The current Henry Repeating Arms is not connected to Benjamin Henry in any way, but still produces fine lever-action rifles based on the Henry design. Current Henry rifles are known for their accuracy, reliability, and power. These lever-action rifles are found in the hands of Western enthusiasts, hunters, and those searching for a finely made American rifle. Henry rifles are manufactured in a variety of calibers and cartridges with many special editions released every year.

Quick Facts

  • The Henry rifle was the weapon of choice for Native Americans at the Battle for Little Bighorn. Thousands of .44 rimfire cases were found
  • At the Battle of Allatoona Pass, Major Ludlow was quoted as saying, “What saved us that day was the fact that we had a number of Henry rifles”
  • Henry rifles were often known as 16 or 17 shooters due to their capacity

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Attributed to Edwin Henry Eugene Fletcher (British 1857-1945), Two views of the Thames (2)
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