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Hermès Earrings

When Thierry Hermès first opened his leather goods shop in Paris in 1837, he could not have foreseen the empire of design into which his store would evolve. Transitioning to handbag design from leather equestrian goods in the early 20th century, Hermès extended their designs following the world wars to scarves and jewelry, which was when earrings were introduced into their repertoire.

But Hermès jewelry often reflects back to how the brand started, using horses, bridles, and the metal parts of the harnesses as inspiration. Such an influence resulted in casual-chic pieces. The way in which the company uses materials is also unique, often combining precious metals with brightly colored lacquer or unusual engravings.

While many of their vintage sets are clip-on style and feature the Hermès logo, their modern collection of earrings celebrate innovation by adopting more adventurous forms.

Quick Facts

  • Hermès launched its iconic orange carriage logo in the 1950s, an emblem that is now synonymous with the brand
  • The introduction of this new logo coincided with the arrival of new director Robert Dumas, who was so dedicated to the heritage of the brand that he changed his last name to the hyphenated “Dumas-Hermès” (he married into the family). This familial connection continues today, as Hermès is owned by Dumas’ descendants
  • The Hermès flagship store, situated on the popular Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, is a veritable landmark for the French fashion elite

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