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Hermès Necklaces & Pendants

Thierry Hermès first opened his shop’s doors in 1837 to share with Paris his exceptional line of leather goods for horses. As the decades passed, the Hermès brand grew to encompass additional leather goods, particularly handbags, and eventually entered the jewelry world.

While Hermès necklaces can showcase symbols reminiscent of the brand’s equestrian past, an element echoed even in the brand’s horse carriage logo, their pieces also incorporate unique elements. Such an influence resulted in casual-chic pieces. The way in which the company uses materials is also unique, often combining precious metals with brightly colored lacquer or unusual engravings.

From enamel to leather and from horn to lacquered wood, Hermes necklaces run the gamut of creativity and refinement, making each piece an assured all-time favorite.

Quick Facts

  • Thierry was born in 1801 in Krefeld, Germany. He was, however, technically a French citizen from birth, as his hometown at the time was under the control of Napoleon Bonaparte
  • “Hermès” is also the French word for Hermes, a Greek Olympian God and son of Zeus. Known for his quick wit and cunning, Hermes is often considered a god of transitions, which parallels the longevity of the Hermès brand
  • In the early 1920s, when his wife griped that she could not find a handbag to suit her needs, Thierry's grandson Émile-Maurice solved the problem by designing one for her. This became the inaugural handbag produced by the company

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