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Heubach Dolls

Heubach dolls were manufactured by Ernst Heubach in his factory in Kooppelsdorf, Germany. Beginning in 1887, Heubach produced bisque doll heads that were mounted on kid or composition bodies. Both shoulder heads and socket heads were manufactured and included sleep eyes, painted eyebrows, and eyelashes. Most Heubach dolls had closed mouths, but some had open mouths with teeth.

Heubach doll heads were similar in appearance to Armand Marseille doll heads. The two companies were located in the same region of Germany and have a family connection. The Heubach and Armand Marseille doll factories merged in 1919, becoming the United Porcelain Factory of Koppelsdorf. Dolls made during this time period are often marked Heubach Koppelsdorf.

The merger of the two companies was dissolved in 1932 and both companies resumed independent operation. Heubach also manufactured doll heads for other doll companies such as Cuno & Otto Dressel, Seyfarth & Reinhardt, and Gebruder Olihaver. The Ernst Heubach company should not be confused with the Gebruder Heubach company, which manufactured bisque head dolls with expressive faces.

Quick Facts

  • Heubach produced a large variety of baby and toddler dolls, which was unusual for the era. Heubach dolls tend to be smaller than dolls from other manufacturers, with most under 50 cm tall
  • Heubach also produced ethnic character dolls, including black, Indian, and Native American dolls in ethnic costumes. The black ethnic character doll sells for about $400 dollars at auction
  • The Heubach mark included the words Made in Germany and often included a horseshoe.

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