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Holland & Holland Rifles

Holland & Holland is one of the most well-known high-end firearms manufacturers in the world. Holland & Holland was created in 1835 by Harris Holland in London, England. They produce a number of firearms including shotguns, double rifles, and bolt-action rifles.

Holland & Holland rifles have a long history of reputed quality. In 1883, Holland & Holland entered a contest held by "The Field" magazine and won all of the rifle categories. Holland & Holland continued to innovate, creating the Royal side by side, one of the most influential hunting weapons in the world.

Holland & Holland produces some of the finest rifles on the market. Their rifles have found their way across the world and are often found in the hands of hunters and guides looking for dangerous game. Holland & Holland currently produces the highly customizable Royal Double Barrel rifle and the Bolt Action Magazine rifle. These weapons are commonly chambered in some of the most powerful shoulder-fired cartridges known to man. Due to the craftsmanship put into each rifle, Holland & Holland firearms have proven to be true heirloom-worthy weapons.

Quick Facts

  • Holland & Holland holds two royal warrants
  • Holland & Holland holds 51 patents, more than any other English gun maker
  • In 2012, Holland & Holland created 25 rifles to celebrate the centennial of the .375 Holland & Holland cartridge

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