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Hornby Dublo Model Railroads & Trains

Hornby Dublo was Hornby's OO gauge line of model trains. These trains were introduced in 1938 and were about half the size of O gauge, hence the name OO. The Dublo locomotives were made of cast metal and came in both clockwork and electric model railroad sets. Dublo buildings were made of wood. Only a few trains were made before the beginning of World War II.

Hornby stopped production during World War II, but resumed production of Dublo in 1947. At this time, Hornby no longer offered clockwork locomotives, focusing solely on electric model train sets. Hornby Dublo model railroads were originally made using three-rail track. In 1959, bending to the pressure of competition, Dublo sets switched to two-rail track. Hornby Dublo ceased production in 1964.

Hornby initially made 5 Dublo model railroad sets. After World War II, these sets were reintroduced, including the Sir Nigel Gresley locomotive. Subsequently, Hornby issued the Duchess of Atholl locomotive with LMS coaches. Throughout the '50s, Hornby expanded its model railroad stock to include additional locomotives and super detail rail cars. Production decreased in the early '60s, so Dublo model railroad sets made during this time period tend to be more valuable.

Quick Facts

  • Hornby issued its first Dublo model railroad stock in British railway colors in 1953. These were long awaited by customers
  • Hornby published the "Hornby-Dublo Book of Trains" in 1959. This book, published in color, showed pictures of model trains next to pictures of the real trains they represented
  • The Hornby Dublo Cardiff Castle locomotive achieved a place in the "Guinness Book of World Records" when it ran non-stop for 153 miles

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