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ID Bracelets

A bracelet that ensures your safety doesn’t have to be strictly utilitarian; on the contrary, an identification (ID) bracelet conjured in silver or gold creates a piece that is both durable and distinctive.

The wearing of identification bracelets began during World War II, with servicemen wearing bracelets into action. They became so accustomed to the band that they continued to wear then even when they returned home, translating a purely utilitarian item into a popular fashion accessory.

In the decades following, medical experts borrowed the same concept for individuals who suffered from life threatening conditions and allergies. Realizing that the onset of these conditions often resulted in the incapacitation of sufferer, the American Medical Association developed a system for medical identification and, as a part of this initiative, the ID bracelet as its best known today was born.

Quick Facts

  • Military ID bracelets were so popular following World War II that, by the end of the Vietnam War several decades later, many began wearing ID bracelets as a commemoration of soldiers who had fallen during combat
  • In addition to alerting others to allergies or conditions, ID bracelets can also be beneficial for elderly individuals who often lose their way. The inclusion of a home address or the phone number of a loved one can help ease a disoriented individual and speed their return to comfort
  • The average ID bracelet can hold roughly 150 characters, practically the same length as a Tweet

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