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IHC HO Scale Model Railroads & Trains

IHC stands for International Hobby Corp. The company was founded in 1982 and operated as a model train distributor out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. IHC was the last in a long line of model railroad distribution companies that imported European model trains to the United States. IHC's predecessor was Associated Hobby Manufacturers, or AHM.

IHC and other importers provided hobbyists with model train products of a middle-ground quality at intermediate prices. A hobbyist could purchase a good-quality model train set at a fair price, thus not having to settle for cheap products or resorting to cleaning out a bank account for one model train set. Besides selling mail order, IHC (and previously AHM) ran a large hobby shop in Philadelphia called Big Bash Hobby Shop where they offered many brands of model railroad products.

IHC ceased operations in 2009. While in operation, IHC imported HO scale model trains by Rivarossi, Mehano, and other companies. These companies manufactured model railroads for IHC, who sold them under their own IHC brand. IHC also offered TYCO products after TYCO went out of business in 1993. Besides model trains, IHC also sold model aircraft products.

Quick Facts

  • IHC was founded by Bernard Paul, a seasoned importer in the hobby industry, who is reported to have started the company on a shoestring budget
  • IHC products were often used by model railroad hobbyists for kit bashing, which is the process of tearing apart a kit and using the pieces to construct or enhance other models
  • The IHC name is currently used by a hobby shop in Humble, Texas. Called IHC-Hobby Texas, this store sells remaining IHC model railroad products

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