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Israeli Sculptures

Israeli sculpture refers to works produced in Israel from 1906 to the present day. The year 1906 is significant, as this was the year that the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design was established in Israel. This national school of art is the oldest institution of higher learning in Israel, and became an important stepping stone for Israeli art, including sculpture, in the 20th century.

In the earliest period of Israeli sculpture, most artists were immigrants to the country. Because of this, their work was a blending of European influences without any real ties to the land of Israel. It was during the '30s with the creation of "canaanism," a cultural and ideological movement, that a local style of sculpture combining European and Eastern themes began to take shape.

Throughout its development, Israeli sculpture has consistently been influenced by both international movements and the political and social issues of the country. In the '70s, the conceptual art movement had a great influence on Israeli sculpture, allowing artists to incorporate forms of protest into their work. Today, there are many memorial sculptures throughout Israel that serve the purpose of memorializing the history of Jewish people in Israel.

Quick Facts

  • In 1948, an artistic movement known as "New Horizons" was founded in Israel, which identified with European modernism and upheld the values of abstract art
  • Many American movements had a large influence on Israeli sculpture and the other visual arts, including Pop Art, Conceptual Art, and Abstract Expressionism
  • The first memorial sculpture erected in Israel was "The Roaring Lion," in memory of the eight defenders of the Tel Hai Courtyard who were subsequently killed in battle

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