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J.&G. Meakin China

Brothers James and George took over the Meakin pottery company operating on Cannon Street in Stoke-on- Trent, naming it J & G Meakin. Through the last half of the 19th century and into the 20th, J & G Meakin were large-scale producers of good quality ironstone tableware with markets in the United States, Australia, South America, and England. By the 1890s, J & G Meakin was one of the world's largest earthenware manufacturers.

Today, J & G Meakin is well known for being one of the first British pottery companies to experiment with modernist designs of the art deco period. In 1929, they introduced the Moderne range. With its angular shape decorated with geometric patterns and highlighted with silver or gold accents, it sold well and remained in production through the '30s. The Studio and Horizon shapes were created in the mid-'50s and drew inspiration from Russell Wright's American Modern tableware. During the following decade, tall streamlined coffee pots were debuted with the company's new Studio shape.

In 1968, the company expanded by taking over Midwinter Pottery. In 1970, J & G Meakin was taken over by the Wedgwood Group. They produced contemporary products through the Wedgwood Group under the names Bull in China Shop and Creative Tableware. In 2000, all Meakin production ceased.

Quick Facts

  • Although most well known for their teaware and tableware, J & G Meakin also made toilet ware, kitchen ware, and fancy earthenware
  • The Studio shape was one of J & G Meakin's most successful ranges and was in production through the late '70s
  • There are numerous marks that may appear on Meakin products, but all include the J & G Meakin name

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