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J.G. Durand

J. G. Durand is often recognized as one of the most innovative and versatile crystal glassmakers of the 20th century. Founded in 1927 near the French village of Arques, J. G. Durand and its glass tableware continues to enjoy acclaim today.

The son of Georges Durand, owner of the prominent Verrerie Cristallerie d'Arques, Jacques G. Durand helped carry the company into the 20th century by modernizing the factory. This included the addition of a mechanized glass-blowing machine. This new technology aided the company in expanding its production in record time, setting it on course to be one of the most prolific glassmakers on the European continent.

Following the debut of their first branded pattern Luminarc in 1948, the company, which became known as J.G. Durand, grew in popularity. Their acclaim grew because they consistently produced high quality glass and crystal pieces that were both artfully designed and easy on the pocketbook. By the late '60s, this popularity had spread to the North American continent as well. Debuting under the name Longchamp in the United States in 1968, J.G. Durand glass stemware and tableware rapidly overtook the market and secured their status as a preeminent producer of glass.

Quick Facts

  • Jacques's inspiration to modernize production came from a trip to the United States in the early '30s
  • J.G. Durand was the first to create machine-made milk glass in the late '50s. Soon after, they also mechanized the creation of stemware pieces
  • Over the past two decades, J.G. Durand has ensured its continued status by acquiring other prominent glassmaking brands. In 1999, the company consumed Salviati crystal; the following year, Durand also gained control of glassmaking giant Mikasa. It was around this time that the name of J.G. Durand was replaced by Arc International

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