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Jon Kuhn Glass

Bringing the classic field of glassmaking into the contemporary age, Jon Kuhn incorporates innovative design into his pieces. Based in a studio in North Carolina, Jon Kuhn is rapidly becoming one of the most popular glass artists still producing today.

Following his studies as a graduate student in art at Virginia Commonwealth University, Kuhn pursued his passion for glassmaking from a relatively unique perspective. Unlike many contemporaries, Kuhn works in the field of cold glass, which means he does not blow or meld molten pieces. Rather, he takes solid, formed glass components and cuts and polishes them into brilliant works of art.

Many of Kuhn's pieces evolve out of architectural construction, as many works are built from the inside out with finely honed and polished glass pieces. Resulting are examples of glass art that mesmerize with their vibrancy and luminosity, drawing the viewer in with their detail and remarkable technical finesse.

Quick Facts

  • Kuhn's talents were rewarded with a honorary doctorate of fine arts degree awarded by Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas in 2006
  • Examples of Jon Kuhn art glass are included in numerous illustrious collections around the globe from the White House in Washington, D.C. to the Vatican museums in Italy
  • The current record price for a Jon Kuhn piece was set in 2003 at an auction in New Jersey. Entitled "Crimson Cluster" and featuring a luminous glass cube that seemingly floats atop a conical metal base, the piece sold for $31,000

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