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Kleinguenther Rifles

Kleinguenther firearms, also known as KDF, started in 1972. Shortly after, they became known producers of some of the finest and most affordable bolt-action rifles. The company imported rifles from Voere in Germany, then put the rifles through a long process of improvements. The most renowned improvement was the special beading they did to the stocks that allowed the rifles to have a guaranteed 1/2 MOA.

As the gun industry changed and businesses swapped hands, KDF remained dedicated to producing outstanding rifles. As Voere became a property of Mauser, KDF continued importing their rifles, becoming the sole Mauser importer. KDF imported rifles for J.P. Sauer and Sons and even after Sauer and Sons joined SIG to become Sig Sauer, KDF imported Sig Sauer rifles.

KDF’s main focus today is Blaser rifles, both as a dealer and custom shop. KDF has maintained a reputation for quality and continues to produce extraordinary weapons.

Quick Facts

  • The original Kleinguenther rifles were known as the poor man’s Weatherby for their extreme accuracy and affordability
  • Early KDF rifles were known as the Shikar model
  • Kleinguenther is one of the top five dealers of Blaser rifles in the United States

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