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Krieghoff Shotguns

The Krieghoff arms company began in 1886 in Ulm Germany. Founded as Sempert & Krieghoff, they produced a wide variety of German hunting arms. In the late '50s, they tried their hand at fine sporting shotguns.

This move proved to be a wise one, as Krieghoff-branded shotguns are popular among competitors. Krieghoff is a household name among trap and skeet shooting aficionados. Their competition models, specifically the K-80 and K-20, are renowned on and off the field.

Krieghoff also produces a number of hunting shotguns including the Essencia side-by-side model. This classic design uses modern technology and Old World craftsmanship to deliver an excellent shotgun. Krieghoff produces a number of drillings as well. While they are not exclusively shotguns in nature, the shotgun component is one of the most important features of drillings.

Quick Facts

  • The Krieghoff model K-80 won the Gun of the Year award at the 2010 IWA show
  • The 2014 World 20-Gauge Champion Todd Bender uses a Krieghoff K-80
  • Krieghoff offers a wide variety of engraving options for their firearms including custom options

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