Kukri Knives

With myths and legends illuminating its history, the kukri knife has earned its title as one of the most famous knives in the world. Considered a Nepalese national icon, the knife is a symbol of valor and honor as well as an important weapon and household utility tool.

Many theories exist as to how and where the kukri knife originated. One claims that it may have descended from the Greek kopi sword. Another says it comes from a knife used by the Mallas of Nepal in the 13th century. Yet another says it’s fashioned after a sword used by the Macedonians in 4th century BC. Regardless of how the knife was invented, it has a clear and impressive history with the Gurkha Army of Nepal, notably during the Gurkha War from 1814- 1816.

For many collectors, the kukri knife is an exotic and appealing piece rich with history and valued for its function and versatility.

Quick Facts

  • The kukri knife has many spellings, including the khukuri, kukkri, kukri, cookeri, and kookeri
  • In Bram Stoker’s "Dracula," the kukri was said to have been used to cut Dracula in the neck before a knife was driven through his heart
  • A 19th century kukri knife purchased by a couple for $300 ten years prior was valued at $3,000 by an appraiser at a 2006 Antiques Roadshow event

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