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Lamy Fountain Pens

In 1930, C. Josef Lamy founded Orthos Fullfederhalter Fabrik in Heidelberg, Germany. Lamy had worked for an American writing instrument company prior to this time. By World War II, the company was producing 200,000 pens annually under the Orthos and Artus brands. The company was retooled for armaments during the war, but resumed pen production in 1948. To mark a new era, the company changed its name to C. Josef Lamy GmbH.

Lamy became a major player in the fountain pen industry with the introduction of the Lamy 27 in 1952. The pen used the Tintomatik system which ensured a smooth, even flow of ink. In 1966, Lamy introduced the Lamy 2000, which was based on Bauhaus design and made of practical materials such as stainless steel and Makrolon. The Lamy brand was revamped in 1976, including an ad campaign that ran into the '90s.

Collectors of Lamy fountain pens build their collections around specific Lamy styles. The Lamy Safari is a popular style to collect as it comes in many different colors and nib types. The Lamy 2000, Lamy's high-end flagship pen, is made of brushed stainless steel called Makrolon. This pen currently sells for $375. The Scala, another high-end Lamy fountain pen, is made of brushed stainless steel and polished chrome.

Quick Facts

  • The designer of the Lamy 2000 was Gerd A Müller, former Braun employee and creator of the Braun Sixtant SM 31 electric shaver
  • Lamy currently offers a beginners' fountain pen for children. The pen is made of maple wood and plastic and includes a name sticker on the cap
  • English author Neil Gaiman uses a Lamy 2000 fountain pen as well as a regular Lamy pen to write his novels

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