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Lariat Necklaces

One of the most versatile styles, lariat necklaces are truly the most customizable piece of jewelry you can own. Secured not with a traditional clasp, but rather by a knot or a terminal loop through which one end of the chain can pass, the lariat is often a favorite because you can adjust it for whatever you might be wearing.

The notion of wearing a strand or chain around one’s neck is one of the oldest means of personal adornment. From hammered gold to beaded and bejeweled, necklaces were a symbol of both societal status and wealth.

The lariat variety of necklaces is particularly versatile, as it does not require a clasp and also allows for immediate adjustability for the narrowest or thickest of necks. This versatility has secured the lariat necklace’s presence throughout jewelry history, particularly as the dangling end of the design later became adorned with accouterments. From charms to decorative tassels, the extensions from lariat strands only add to the range of the piece’s comportment.

Quick Facts

  • Lariat necklaces became increasingly popular during the early 20th century Jazz Age. Flappers preferred the long look of A-line fashion, and so the length of a lariat strand of beads proved the perfect compliment
  • The name "lariat" originates from the Spanish "la reata," or "rope," which itself is a variation on the verb "reatare," or "to tie again"
  • The term lariat did not enter the American English lexicon until the 1830s

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