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Life-Like Model Railroads & Trains

Life-Like Toy and Hobby is a division of Wm. K. Walthers that manufactures model railroad products. The company, originally called Life-Like Products LLC, was founded as a branch of the Lifoam company, which manufactured extruded foam ice chests. Looking to expand their product lines, this company began producing extruded model railroad tunnels. As the model railroad company grew, Life-Like expanded its model railroad scenery offerings and finally began manufacturing rolling stock in the late '60s.

Life-Like initially produced model railroad products in HO scale. Their Proto 1000 and Proto 2000 lines were thought of highly by hobbyists, as the locomotives and freight cars in these lines were thought to be the best detailed for their price point. Life-Like acquired Varney Inc. in 1970 and produced Varney HO scale trains under the Life- Like brand. Life-Like also introduced a line of N scale model railroad products in the early '70s. These products were manufactured by Mehanotehnika.

Life-Like continued to produce model train products in HO and N scales until 2005. At that time, the company decided to once again concentrate on extruded foam products under the name Lifoam Industries LLC. They sold the model railroad division of the business to Wm. K. Walthers, which now operates the business as Life-Like Toy and Hobby. The company continues to produce model railroad products in Baltimore, Maryland.

Quick Facts

  • Life-Like often produced and packaged locomotives and cabooses as sets, painted with the same railroad name and color scheme. The packaging would advertise a free caboose or authentic matching caboose with the locomotive
  • In recent years, Life-Like has begun to produce model railroad products in O and G scales in addition to the HO and N scale products they already offer
  • Life-Like's Proto 2000 line continues to be its highest quality line of locomotives and freight cars

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