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Lomonosov Porcelain

Lomonosov porcelain factory was founded in 1744 in Russia by Empress Elizabeth after a Russian scientist discovered the secret to making porcelain during a time when its formula was still well-guarded by Chinese crafters. Belonging to the House of Romanov, the Lomonosov factory produced tableware for the Russian Tsar court, keeping production on the smaller scale.

During the early 19th century, the factory was reconstructed and began to produce larger porcelain pieces. In 1915, with the war on the Eastern front, porcelain imports from Germany and England were suspended and the Lomonosov factory focused on producing things for the war effort, such as heat-resistant porcelain tubes. In the 1920s, the factory focused on technologically complex articles intended for technical purposes, as... Read more

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Two Lomonosov figures

March 19, 2018, 10:00 AM GMT
Bolton, United Kingdom

£5 (starting bid)

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